540zs - 335i manuālis

Pievienota: 03. Mar 2023, 13:48
Atjaunota: 21. Nov 2023, 21:04

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Our signature engine tunes are like no other. Hyper smooth, predictable and linear. Refined both in full load and part throttle. A good tune will control spool well, avoiding sudden harsh acceleration on spoolup, increasing torque linearly as engine speed goes up. If Your tuner cant make it, seek better!


KM700 upgrade full frame turbochargers (700HP capable)
do88 AB intercooler
KM custom airbox
KM custom silicone inlets
KM decat downpipes (with custom thermal coating)
KM LPFP solution
NEW Rev12 injectors
KM upgrade ignition coils
Heat wrapped everything on exhaust side of engine
Wavetrac Differentials Europe rear differential
KM dual plate clutch (1000Nm capable)

Fresh ACL rod bearings, chain kit
Tuned with MHD Tuning flashtool