HGK CrocoMaster 1000hp/1250nm...4sale

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Atjaunota: 27. Oct 2015, 17:43

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...CrocoMaster FOR SALE
Car was built back in 2013, always kept in good condition. Countless podium Car.
Technical data:
• Engine: GM LS7 + 4.0ltr WhippleSC (E98 with AEM Methanol injection)
• Power: 1000HP/1250 Nm;
• Transmission: Tex Racing 4speed dogbox;
• Differential: BMW M3 Motorsport LSD 70%;
• DriveShaftShop axles 1000hp;
• Suspension: Wisefab front, HGK modified rear;
• Coilovers: Cobra 2way front, Nitron 3way rear;
• Tilton 600 series pedal assembly;
• Brake system: Wilwood lightweight 6pot front, 4pot rear, CL carbon brake pads;
• ATL 30ltr fuel cell, Aeromotive fuel system;
• Rear mounted engine cooling system;
• WorkWheels Emotion CR 2P: 9J x R18 front, 10J x R18 rear;
• HGK full wide FG bodykit;
• Polycarbonate (Sapphire coated) windows;
• Interior: RRS seats, OMP steering wheel with Lifeline quick release,
TRS 6-point harnesses, STACK 8100 dashboard, HGK handbrake kit;
• Weight: 1200 kg

Please only serious requests on PM ([email protected])