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Tēma: Sportec Cayenne SP600M

19. Apr 2005, 09:39 #1

Kopš: 02. Apr 2003

Ziņojumi: 283

Braucu ar: Porsche 951CS, 928GT, 924CUP

Sportec SUV SP600M hit 308 km/h (192.5 mph) on March 10 to break the world record as the fastest SUV.

2.5 tons moved in 4.2 seconds to 100 km/h
The tecnical datas of the Sportec SP600M are very impressiv.

700 PS - 250 PS more than a serial Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

The torque raised 230 Nm up to 850 Nm.

0-100 km/h: 4,2 s

0-200 km/h: 14,6 s

TopSpeed: 308km/h

Engine Modifications:

- modified ECU 700 PS

- Sportec-Camshafts (2x2)

- Sportec-MAF-Sensor (2x)

- Sportec -Headers (2x)

- Sportec Turbocharger (2x)

- Downpipes with sport catalysts

- Sportec Muffler

- Sport-Airfilter

- Modified fuel- and coolingsystem

- Engine work

Better shape and faster

Make good cars better - that’s the philosophy of Sportec. For the SP600 Sportec developed a beautiful aerodynamics front- and rear bumper as well as sideskirts. Sophisticated carbon applications make the interior and exterior of the SUV more exclusive. The revised version SP600M has an additional roof spoiler optimizing the aerodynamics at high speeds.

Higher grip for the sportive ambitious SUV-Driver:

The ultra high performance tire Proxes ST sets standards in safety, comfort and performance. The specially developed tread pattern with expanded grooves guarantees an effective aquaplaning performance. The special compound panders best wet handling and optimal wheel grip. That means: absolute control in weather-change conditions and extreme driving situations. The configuration of pattern blocks, supported by the CASPAN method, favours a perfect noise

performance and additionally a comfortable rolling chracteristic.

Car Set-up:

Standard road car fuel Shell V-Power 100, standard tires Toyo Proxes ST, standard ride height of the car, standard engine configuration SP600M, standard wheel geometries, standard gearbox, standard brakes, standard over boost pressure from the turbochargers.

For more information about Sportec please visit:
19. Apr 2005, 09:43 #2

Kopš: 08. May 2003

Ziņojumi: 496

Braucu ar: turboporku

šitais aparāts pat nedaudz ieliek 911 turbo, kam maksimālais ātrums ir 305 km/h, bet uzraviens 0-100 km/h ir tās pašas 4.2 sekundes.

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