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Tēma: Fast Lap race in Kacergine (Lietuva) 2011.05.14

26. Apr 2011, 00:27 #1

Kopš: 07. Jul 2009

Ziņojumi: 14

Braucu ar:


Fast Lap would like to invite You to our first event this year in Kacergine ("Nemuno Ziedas" track).
80 competitors and few thousand spectators expected!

a) It is time attack type event where you can race in professional circuit. The goal: show fastest lap time as you can.
Stock and sport cars allowed, divided in classes by engine. Tyres: standard or semi-slick.
b) Short distance Race also will be held (two sessions for 8 laps) where you can participate. Car requirements: roll cage, sport seat and seat-belts (see regulations). Tyres: standard or semi-slick.

Date: May 14.

Entry fee: 60 euro

We will provide any assistance for accommodation and practice with fastest drivers-professionals, if needed.

Please follow the link for more information and registration:

Do not hesitate writing e-mail or calling 00 370 637 60468 (English, Russian) for any question.

p.s. this is Fast Lap 2010 (A3000+ class) winner Jonas Poskus. Dentist And his 545 hp EVO VIII.

[ Šo ziņu laboja Gie, 26 Apr 2011, 11:05:56 ]

17. May 2011, 19:33 #2

Kopš: 07. Jul 2009

Ziņojumi: 14

Braucu ar:

Fast Lap stage I over!

So we had few latvians: one was very fast Mareks Matvejevs (Lotus Elise) - III place in A2000 class! And Gatis Klasins with Civic 5gen. HB (not so fast as he expected But I think we had good time at least.

We're about to launch registration on Monday for Bikernieki Moto track @ June 18 (our II stage). Keep updated.

Video: by TaT

Foto report:

Fast Lap People:

[ Šo ziņu laboja Gie, 18 May 2011, 02:14:00 ]

17. May 2011, 19:46 #3

Kopš: 15. May 2002

No: Rīga

Ziņojumi: 9961

Braucu ar: F30 ‘19


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